Business Services

Small Business Accounting

Need help with accounting basics for your small business? We understand that many small business owners would prefer to leave the accounting to the professionals.


To facilitate clean and correct accounting, QuickBooks is a great tool for small businesses to use. We can walk you through the basics and prepare you to manage your own books, or you can leave the QuickBooks to us.


As a small business, ensuring your employees are paid and paid correctly could be the most important part of your business. We help ensure all of your bases are covered with regards to payroll.

Compilations & Reviews

This office will prepare for your business a compilation or review financial statement.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is arguably the most important piece of the financial puzzle. Having the money in your account to pay your employees and vendors is essential to running a business. We can assist with or prepare cash flow analysis and projections for all of your business needs.

Bank Financing

We prepare business plans and financial statements to assist you in obtaining funding from financial institutions.

Business Valuation

Are you thinking about buying or selling a business? We can work with you to determine what the business is worth and how much you should be paying/receiving in an acquisition.

Strategic Business Planning

Are you confident about your actual business, but hesitant about running your business? We can help with strategic business planning to help you get your business off the ground.

New Business

Are you starting a new business and don't know where to start? We provide services to get new businesses off the ground. We work with you to determine the best type of entity that meets your needs.


Are you starting or currently operating a non-profit business? We can help you prepare all necessary forms needed to obtain a 501c3 status.